Linoleum flooring


Why linoleum flooring might be right for you

Known for its composition of all-natural and eco-friendly materials such as linseed oil and wood byproducts, linoleum is one of the finest and oldest products on the market. It's been around since the 1800s but, thanks to modern technology, it has evolved with up-to-date styles and patterns. Linoleum is appropriate for installation in the home and educational and healthcare facilities, restaurants, retail structures, and more, especially those susceptible to high moisture and humidity.

Style and savings

Forget any memory you may have of the linoleum from decades past. While it’s still just as much an affordable flooring as it was in the 1950s, advanced printing techniques have expanded linoleum's offerings to include textured wood, stone, and tile looks with numerous colors and patterns. Although known mainly for its availability as a glue-down sheet, it also comes in click-together, no glue, planks, and tiles.

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A warranty is a guarantee to show you the amount of confidence a company has in its product. It's a promise that an item will last a specific number of years. Most linoleum products have 25-year warranties, which is already superior, but it can last up to 40 years with regular care.

This flooring has a colorfast construction; that is, the color and pattern are "baked through" instead of just being on the surface. Some also come with a protective coating to guard against the direct sunlight that gives a yellowish tinge, called "ambering." Be sure to ask for this as it isn't automatic. If yours doesn't have it, you can always have it waxed every two or three years.

It is also highly water-resistant, a good selection for floors that experience winter slush and snow-covered boots. Maintenance is easy, with only sweeping or vacuuming and damp mopping required. Stains usually easily come out with a gentle cleanser, but you can safely buff out the stubborn ones.

Since these floors are made from all-natural products, there are no toxic chemicals, and they are recyclable and biodegradable. They also don’t emit harmful VOCs, volatile organic compounds. You can even compost it, just as you would wood chips or mulch, and use it in your garden.

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