Carpet fibers


All about carpet fibers

Fiber is the material from which rug threads are made, and they affect how it looks, functions, and lasts. Fiber will be one of the most important things you'll have to consider when shopping for your new carpet installation, so the more you know, the better you can choose the right one for you. If possible, do a little research, so you know the characteristics and advantages of each type; then come into our carpet store in Bethpage, NY, where we have a large inventory of rugs from some of the most trusted and well-recognized mills in the industry.

Natural carpet fibers

Natural fibers are made from materials harvested and processed from nature, and they include wool, silk, jute, and more. Wool is the most common natural fiber. It is soft, plush, fire-retardant, and durable. It's also soil resistant because of the natural oils with tiny scales that flick dirt away. Wool is also somewhat absorbent, so wipe spills immediately, but that absorbency also makes it a natural humidifier. It will soak up excess moisture when the air gets humid.

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Synthetic carpet fibers

These makeup most carpet sales because many, especially those with large families, find them to be the more practical choice because of increased stain resistance, easier cleanability, durability, and a more budget-friendly price point. The most common synthetic is nylon which is known for superior strength, resiliency, and stain resistance. It's almost always solution-dyed today, meaning the color is processed during manufacturing and goes throughout the entire fiber, making it more vibrant and fade-resistant.

Polyester is the second most sought-after fiber. It's non-absorbent which means it has excellent stain resistance and best for moderately trafficked floors. Olefin (polypropylene) is often associated with the Berber (looped) style and carpets in offices and other commercial facilities. It withstands heavy foot traffic, is reasonably priced, and has superior stain resistance. Triexta is relatively new to the US market, but it already has a reputation for strength and stain resistance built into the fiber.


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Whether you’re looking for carpet for your home or office, you’ll find a large inventory with countless styles, colors and constructions. That includes custom, allergy-free and pet and kid-friendly versions! To learn more and receive a free carpet flooring estimate, visit the Broadway Flooring showroom in Bethpage, NY, especially if you live in or near Bethpage, NY, Farmingdale, NY, Hicksville, NY, Levittown, NY, North Massapequa, NY, Old Bethpage, NY, Plainview, NY, South Farmingdale, NY or Ossett, NY.